Avoid These 5 Mistakes To Make Your Brazilian Wax Less Painful

Brazilian waxes are truly one of the best and easiest ways to remove hair “down there,” and most seasoned wax clients know that they’re not without a level of discomfort. 

However, if your Brazilian waxes aren’t becoming easier to manage over time, it points to a few key mistakes you may be making before, during, or after your Brazilian wax (no judgment, girl, we’ve all been there!). 

To ensure you get the BEST results every time from your wax routine, I’m breaking down the top 5 mistakes I see from clients that could be making your Brazilians more painful than they need to be. 

  1. Improper Aftercare

Oof, this is a BIG one. Let me be totally clear – taking care of your skin is 80% of how you can nail the results from your Brazilian wax and reduce pain during your service.

When your skin is dry and maybe “not-so-taken-care-of,” guess what – the hair will be, too (and we definitely we don’t want that). 

Healthy skin means healthy hair, so try these two quick aftercare tips that I give my clients after their wax:

  • Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub, mitt, or chemical exfoliant at LEAST 3 times a week (no excuses!). Your skin is precious, and it deserves more than the sporadic exfoliations many of us give it in between our busy schedules.

Fitting regular exfoliation into your weekly routine will give your skin a glowing boost and make it feel even smoother and softer after your Brazilian waxes.

  • Say it with me – MOISTURIZE! Hydration is key in waxing, but especially for Brazilians (it’s a sensitive area, ya know?!). 

My #1 product that I recommend to all of my clients is Fur Oil. You could possibly say that I am obsessed with it – no shame here – but only because it truly is one of the best products on the market. 

Not only is it hydrating, but it also prevents ingrowns and softens the hair (plus, a small bottle can last for quite a while) – a total win-win, amiright?!

To wrap up my Fur Oil monologue, here’s a little pro tip: when there’s still a bit of post-shower moisture on your body, gently apply a few drops of the oil to your freshly-waxed area (always use clean hands!).

Applying the oil at this time will help lock in allllll that much-needed moisture and leave your skin feeling oh-so-smooth and hydrated (without sitting heavy on your skin or clogging your pores like lotions and body butters).

  1. Waxing While Menstruating

Mother Nature sure is a piece of work, right? Let’s face it – our hormones are very controlling and play a huge role in our comfort levels while we’re menstruating.

Though you can keep your wax appointment if you’re on your period (as long as you’re wearing a tampon or cup), I will always recommend that you plan ahead and schedule your Brazilian wax for 3-5 days after your cycle has ended to minimize any hormone-causing discomfort. 

Waxing even 1-2 days before or after your cycle can make the experience waaay less comfy, because the state of our hormones during our periods makes us experience a heightened sense of sensitivity and, therefore, more pain. 

  1. “Doomsday” Talk

As a big “positive thinking” kind of girl, I can tell you that positivity goes a heck of a long way in reducing stress and anxiety that can elevate your pain during a Brazilian wax. 

So, ready to get out of your comfort zone for a minute?

Before your next appointment, I want you to take 2 minutes to look in the mirror or talk to yourself in the car and say a couple of positive mantras (either aloud or in your head – whatever works for you!). 

Phrases like:  

  • “This will not hurt that badly.”
  • “It’s just a few quick stings – I can handle this!”
  • “I’m so excited to feel my smooth skin!” 

… will always help you reduce your anxiety (and pain) more than trigger statements like:

  • “This is the worst!” 
  • “Ugh, this is going to SUCK.”
  • “I am so nervous it will hurt!” 

Trust me – the negative thoughts and talk help absolutely no one and won’t make your experience fun or enjoyable (and YES, it can certainly be enjoyable!). 

Try these mantras before your next appointment to calm your nerves and help you bring allll the good vibes with you into the studio.

  1. Using Stimulants or Depressants

Listen, I love coffee as much as the next gal, but save the espresso for after your Brazilian wax appointment (don’t make me side-eye that to-go mug you’re holding!). 

Caffeine is a stimulant, which tends to cause a heightened sensitivity to nearly everything happening to and around you. To keep your sensitivity levels more manageable and help reduce discomfort while you’re on the table, leave the Starbucks sips for the post-wax treat.

Also, not to burst your bubble, but that pre-wax shot of vodka or glass of wine won’t do much to calm your nerves.

If anything, depressants like weed or alcohol slow and weaken the body as a whole, so that quick hit to ease the nerves will typically do more harm than good (plus, alcohol dehydrates, which is definitely not what we want to do to our gorgeous skin before a wax). 

  1. Inconsistent Appointments

The somewhat-harsh truth about Brazilians is that the more consistently you have them done, the less discomfort you’ll likely experience during your session.

The best timeframe for your Brazilian wax schedule is every 4 weeks. At this point, hair is typically at the perfect length to easily remove from the follicle with minimal pain and discomfort. 

Unfortunately, pushing your appointment back even by 2 weeks will generally guarantee more pain. Now, if you already have a high pain tolerance, a couple of extra days or weeks between appointments may not make a huge difference.

However, if you’re already struggling with the pain associated with Brazilian waxes, inconsistency could be one of the biggest contributing factors. 

After all, think of all the hair that grows in those extra weeks – the general rule of thumb is “more hair, more pain.”

Make Your Brazilians Less Painful By Through Consistent Prep & Aftercare Routines

At The Wax & Only, I do my best to cultivate a safe, relaxing environment where you can feel comfortable during your service. Part of my commitment to creating a great experience for my clients means using the highest-quality products and hard waxes that minimize pain by sticking only to the hair, not the skin.

However, I can promise you that when you take the time before and after your Brazilian wax to care for your skin and body, you’ll not only see a difference in your results, but your pain will feel so much less intense, as well.

Make a checklist in your phone or a notebook to refer to before and after your next appointment to prepare yourself physically and mentally. If you can check off everything on that list, I can assure you that your wax will be much more tolerable and, dare I say, enjoyable (wink).

You’ve got this!




August 17, 2023