Face & brow waxing


Compared to shaving/dermaplaning, face and brow waxing provide longer periods between regrowth, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Longer Regrowth Time:

Waxing allows for precise shaping of eyebrows and other facial hair, giving a more defined and polished look.

Precise Shaping:

types of face & Brow waxing

cheeks of the face, not including sideburns


hairline of the forehead, and/or back of neck


inside the nostrils and optional top of nose 


includes the hair starting from  hairline down to jaw line


includes shaping, trimming, waxing and tweezing with an optional fill in


Includes chin  and optional extension of jawline


inside and outside of the ear


4 or more of the following; hairline, brows, nose, sideburns, cheeks, lip, chin, neck 

Full Face

upper and optional lower lip


Brazilian waxing


Brazilian waxing removes hair from the entire bikini area, providing a smoother result that lasts longer compared to shaving.

Long-lasting Results

Over time, regular Brazilian waxing can lead to finer and sparser hair regrowth.

Reduced hair growth

the sensation will vary depending on the texture/type of your hair, your skin, general pain tolerance, and your mindset (I know it sounds ‘woo,’ but positivity, breathing techniques, and other mindfulness practices totally help you stay calm and experience less pain during your wax). 

What to expect

read more faq’s

types of Bikini waxing

entire butt cheeks and butt strip (guests with a vagina only)

Butt (full)

entire front of vagina AND butt strip (guests with a vagina only)


entire front of vagina NO butt strip (guests with a vagina only)

Bikini (full)

natural bikini line outside the vagina (guests with a vagina only)

Bikini Line

between the butt cheeks (guests with a vagina only)

Butt (Strip)

Body waxing


Compared to shaving, body waxing requires less frequent touch-ups, saving time in your grooming routine.

Less Frequent Maintenance:

Body waxing removes larger areas of hair, resulting in smoother skin that stays hair-free for weeks.

Long-Lasting Smoothness:

types of body waxing

upper and lower legs, not including bikini line

legs (Full)

top of feet and all toes


lower legs starting from the knees, including feet and toes

Legs (lower)

entire length of arms  

Arms (Full)

center of the chest starting at the collar bone not including stomach

Chest (Strip)

includes only the nipples, not the chest


top of the hands and fingers


upper or lower arms including elbow

Arms (Half)

entire pectoral muscles starting at the collar bone, including nipples but not stomach

Chest (Full)

lower half of back to top of butt

Back (Lower)

starting at the bottom of the neck to the top of the arms, not including upper arms


Back (Upper)

entire length of back not including shoulders 

Back (Full)

Upper half starting from mid back to top of neck

extended hair from bikini line to right above the knee, not including bikini line

Inner thighs

upper legs ending at the knees, not including bikini line

Legs (upper)


Under the arms, not including upper arms

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